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Billboard Advertising In Las Vegas​

Check out the vibrant Las Vegas billboards that hook the viewer’s attention like no other and lure them towards you! Maximedia dares to be different with stunning billboards that guarantee the best prices in Las Vegas for billboard advertising.The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says that consumers are more exposed to Outdoor Billboard Advertising targeting customers directly.

Digital Billboard displaying promotional content for an engine oil brand


Promote your business or product on brilliant billboards with innovative, head-turning campaigns.

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Mobile truck advertisement for Las Vegas ticket selling website

Mobile Billboards

Build brands, launch products and grab their attention even in heavy traffic areas of Las Vegas!

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A Digital Mobile Advertising Truck with an LED Display of Promotional Content on the Side Panel and Back of the Truck

Digital Mobile Billboards

Create an exceptional dynamic visual impact with unique and creative digital mobile billboards.

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Las Vegas Billboards - Features That Impress

Here are some of the exceptional and exciting features of Maximedia Billboards in Las Vegas that bowls you over with its perfection, quality and price!


We pride ourselves in offering you elite choices by strictly adhering to quality standards that leaves you impressed beyond words!


We build and maintain strategic alliances with the known names in the billboard industry to ensure that you get the best, every single time!


From building the campaign, coming up with creative ideas to careful monitoring of your campaign’s effectiveness, we do it all!


We walk hand in hand with technological advancements in billboard advertising and keep on innovating and improving our services to stay ahead of the best


We are equipped with an expert billboard customer support team that helps you with any assistance you need at any time.


We adopt eco-friendly measures in the design and production of our billboards to ensure that we stay committed to our environment.

Outdoor Advertising - The Choicest Choice

Maximedia makes a stellar entry with exceptional services that meet your advertising needs like a pro, thereby nailing down the fact that you made the choicest choice in Las Vegas!

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Maximum Reach

Reach out to a wider audience in a matter of minutes! Our billboards are impossible to ignore and unstoppable when it comes to grabbing attention!

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Lowest Prices

We differ by offering you the best services at the lowest prices you can ever imagine! Go ahead and steal the limelight!

An Illuminated 3D Billboard Advertisement For Good Mockups in Las Vegas
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Quick GPS Tracking

We are equipped with professional, well-mannered and experienced drivers with easy to track GPS systems.

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Highly Interactive

Our mobile billboards are highly interactive, impossible to miss and the most creative way to catch your customer’s attention.


Words That Inspire & Drive Us Forward!

I had a great experience working with this company. They are professional and their customer service is incredible. I am working on a new project and I have been using their glass showcace truck advertising services for a couple of months. I love working with them. Thanks

Amanda Lee

Simply the best in the market. Being noticed in the middle of the Las Vegas strip is not easy. Believe me, I have been trying for years. But Maximedia did manage to bring me more clients than my two other top advertising sources combined, for half of the budget. I'm blown away.

Adam Cheise

Drive traffic to your business with our sensational outdoor billboard advertising truck driving across the Las Vegas road traffic. Display your brand in style.

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A Mobile Billboard Advertising Truck Promoting the Donny & Marie Event riding through the busy roads of Las Vegas

Reign Over Las Vegas With Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Looking for creative and effective ways to advertise your product or service in Las Vegas, one of the most loved tourist destinations? Go for Maximedia billboard advertising in Las Vegas! Hook your viewer’s attention like no other and lure them towards you!

Maximedia stands apart from others by offering you effective advertising through billboard ads that make you stop right on your tracks and take a look! And, what makes us extra special is that we offer the best quality billboard services at the lowest price in Las Vegas! We offer you creative billboards, stunning mobile billboards and innovative digital mobile billboards in Las Vegas!

Make The Perfect Pitch With Vegas Billboards


Are billboard truck screens versatile?
Yes, the screens for truck BillBoard Advertising in Las Vegas are very versatile. Each truck comes with a high-end video processor for HDMI input. This gives you the freedom to play any HDMI feed you may prefer. With us, you can display videos, TV, or even gaming consoles.
What are the dimensions of a standard screen in billboard advertising trucks?
The dimensions of a standard screen in billboard advertising are as follows: The side screen is 6’-3” in height and 11’-2” in width. The rear screen is 6’-3” in height and 6’-3” in width. We are happy to discuss other screen dimensions with you to fit any requirement.
Are the billboard advertising screens visible during the day?
Of course, yes, all billboard advertising screens are completely visible during the day. We make sure to use only the highest quality products and parts. This ensures that our trucks are bright enough that all images and videos are noticeable even during the day.
What are trucks used for billboard advertising made of?
The trucks we use for billboard advertising are made of aluminum. The framing, the cabinets, and every other part used in the vehicles are fabricated carefully and using only top-quality material. It is our creed never to cut any corners.
Should I buy or rent a space for billboard advertising?
Whether you buy a billboard truck or rent it, depends upon your usage. There are some instances when purchasing a truck is more economical to you. For example, if you wish to advertise every month in locations that hold events or are highly-populated, then buying is the best choice.
Should I buy or rent a space for billboard advertising?
Whether you buy a billboard truck or rent it, depends upon your usage. There are some instances when purchasing a truck is more economical to you. For example, if you wish to advertise every month in locations that hold events or are highly-populated, then buying is the best choice.
What makes billboard advertising so effective in Las Vegas?
Billboard advertising in Las Vegas is effective because it is located in high-traffic regions like highways. This ensures that they are seen and by the maximum number of people either driving by or walking. Billboard trucks, therefore, are extremely good for building brand awareness and promoting your brand, product, service, or campaign to as many customers as possible.
Is billboard advertising in Las Vegas profitable for a business?
Yes, owning billboards can be profitable for a business to an extent. For large companies, they provide a regular income stream. Before you count in taxes, depreciation, interest, and amortization, the revenue billboard companies produce can reach 40 to 50%. The income becomes higher if the billboards are placed along the highway. It can reach up to 60% of the revenue!
How does the billboard advertising business work?
The billboard advertising Las Vegas business works on a simple model. They earn by selling out of home (OOH) advertising space. This space can be on billboards, trucks, or even benches. In a few cases, they make money by selling their permit or lease to a competitor for a small profit.
What is a billboard? What is it used for?
A billboard is a massive structure that you often see alongside on roads. Most often, billboards are installed in areas that see high footfall or traffic. Billboards are used for advertising a brand, product, or service to passing drivers and pedestrians.
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It is time to get noticed! It is time to make that perfect pitch to your target audience! Promote better, reach out better and churn better results with Maximedia Billboards! Rule the streets of Las Vegas!
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