Understanding Customer’s Billboard Advertising Requirements

In Out-Of-Home advertising, the customer is the main target. No hard-planned strategy will work if the above two aspects are overlooked. You can buy or hire the largest billboard in the area but your advertising tactics will fail if they are not placed in the right location. The same can be said about your customers. You have to know them like the back of your palm. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is their age group?
  • What percentage of them are male and what percentage are females?
  • How many of them are married or single?
  • Do they all have jobs?
Should you be able to answer all these questions, consider your marketing campaign a success. If not, you have a lot of homework to do. Customer knowledge cannot be confined to basic demographics. OOH, advertising thrives on something called “psychographics”- a fancy term that encompasses everything from the customer’s personality, values, opinions, attitudes, and lifestyle.

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Location, Location, Location

Beyond this, in-depth knowledge of your target location will help you refine your promotional strategy. Billboard advertising works wonders when it is placed in the right location that captures the attention of the target audience. Ideally, your billboard should tick the following boxes:
  • High unobstructed visibility.
  • Close proximity to the highway or road.
  • Positioned at the right viewable angle.
  • Placement of the billboard in high traffic areas.
  • The proximity of the billboard with the place of business (if it is a restaurant or hotel)
  • Avoiding cluttered spaces on the highway
Here is where we lay extra stress on knowing your target audience. Customer knowledge and location knowledge go hand-in-hand. Different locations will attract different groups of people. Billboard advertising on highways ought to focus on something that will attract the working masses and the business community. If you are targeting the younger audience, local eateries, bars, cinemas, shopping malls, and places of entertainment should be your prime target.

Building Brand Awareness

Brand loyalty is a blessing that does not come easily. It takes years of perseverance and hard work to etch the name of a brand on to the minds of consumers. Once achieved, it pays abundantly. Brand recognition and loyalty is built with consistent advertising of the brand name through every form of media. Brand recognition plays a crucial role in OOH advertising. The target audience is going to have only a few seconds to view the ad. Commuters on a highway must be able to recognize your brand with just the logo or the font. Final thoughts Outdoor advertising is an art. It involves a combination of multiple strategies like:
  • Perfect timing
  • Wise use of resources
  • Cost-effective choices
  • Tracking the effectiveness of the strategy
MaxiMediaLV gives you a big advantage and a head start over other brands with its innovative, eye-catching outdoor advertising campaigns that cover the length and breadth of Las Vegas. Give your brand the big boost it needs with our exceptionally designed mobile and digital billboards. Let’s get the ball rolling! Call us @ (702) 677-9999

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It is time to get noticed! It is time to make that perfect pitch to your target audience! Promote better, reach out better and churn better results with Maximedia Billboards! Rule the streets of Las Vegas!


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It is time to get noticed! It is time to make that perfect pitch to your target audience! Promote better, reach out better and churn better results with Maximedia Billboards! Rule the streets of Las Vegas!
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