Reasons Why Mobile Billboards Thrive in An Increasingly Digital World

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Online advertising is undoubtedly the most happening and the inevitable marketing strategies for brands. With millions of consumers spending a fair share of time online, businesses too are leveraging their efficiencies for a greater good. According to a survey report amassed by 500 digital marketers around the world, it was found that almost two-thirds of the worldwide businesses have already shifted their focus to online advertising. Many use various online advertising strategies to influence their online customers. The surge in mobile usage has further spiralled the internet accessibility enabling customers to view and to be in touch with every innovative advertising method. Greater exposure to the virtual world has also allowed the businesses to reach their prospective customers at any time and any place with the help of mobile billboard advertising.

However, digital marketing is not the only end solution for your marketing concerns. There is a broad audience who are still unaware of the technological revolution that is taking place- who spend their time travelling, notice and appreciate the out of the home advertisements. Out of the home, advertisements are available in numerous formats, and mobile billboards are one of the best methods that have an incredible reach amongst pedestrians and drivers. Leading brands such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google are few of the top brands that invest enormously on out of the home advertisements. So, if you wish to promote your brand effectively, then it is high time you look beyond the mobiles and tabs, to the large platforms.
Find out the reasons why mobile billboards are preferred methods of advertising, especially in Las Vegas, even when digitization is ruling the world like no others.

Ten Benefits That Make Mobile Billboards The Best Choice For Advertisements

  • The bigger, the better
    Billboard advertisements have a reputation of capturing the audience’s attention with its enormous size and specific content. Mobile billboards are also giant like their stationary counterparts. Wrapped around the trucks with the most significant sides measuring the height of 10 feet and a width of 22 feet, mobile billboards are displays that attract undeterred attention of the motorists and the pedestrians alike. The different sizes, however, calls for different costing as well as truck types.
  • Mobility is the trump card
    Mobility is perhaps the most significant benefit of mobile billboards. Apart from their ability to capture the attention of the viewers with their giant banners, the visibility of the ads at eye-level make mobile billboards more attractive. This quality makes the advertisements more transparent and helps the marketers to relay their message effectively. The method is even more endearing due to their advantage of engaging the motorists on a larger screen, rather than getting them engrossed in their handheld devices.
  • No added effort to view or delete an advertisement
    Unlike online ads, the customers do not have to click links or type a URL for the advertisement. The mobile billboards would be present right before the customers on heavy traffic or parked near your favourite malls. You can either choose to look at it or ignore it. However, large billboards are challenging to ignore and hence, have an advantage over any other form of advertisements.
  • An admirable and entertaining interruption
    Online advertisements are often ignored by the customers, mostly due to their unwelcome presence or popups when you least expect. This experience can leave many consumers annoyed and which in turn results in a bad reputation for the brand. Whereas, mobile billboards have a virtue of entertaining the audience during their long monotonous drive or amidst overwhelming traffic.
  • Unconventional and therefore, exciting
    Mobile billboards have an unconventional way of promoting the brand - whether it is a PR stunt or for promotion of the product. The exciting media format is clutter-free and often generates interest amongst the audience, tempting them to explore more about a brand.
  • Memorable billboard advertisements
    More prominent billboard visuals have an uncanny influence on audience psychology that makes people remember the concepts they view on the big screen than what they view on the smaller screens. This is the reason what makes billboard advertisements a favourable format of campaigning as compared to the digital campaigns.
  • Trustworthy campaigns
    Mobile billboards have a virtue of presenting the ad campaigns in the right place and at the right time, which increases their trust factor. Research by Marketingsherpa reveals that consumers find online advertisements less trustworthy with popup advertisements worsening the trust factors. At the same time, out-of-the home advertising like print ads or billboards is ranked among the top five advertising formats.


Amidst the growing influence of digital advertising and increasing competition, it is indeed challenging to make your brand stand out of the lot, especially in a bustling city like Las Vegas. Out-of-the-home advertising is the perfect solution for the brands that like to make big impressions, and with the incredible accessibility of mobile billboards, be assured of your campaigns receiving the desired outreach.

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