Effect Of Billboard Advertising

Advertising can be of different forms. Based on your brand, product, and service there are several different kinds of advertising to market and increase sales. One needs to spend more effort in planning for the advertisement so it can be the perfect sales pitch to generate revenues. Billboards are centuries old. People are used to seeing billboards around and they don’t mind.  Especially in a country like the USA, where people love to zip across in cars, billboards are an important and effective way to reach out to the masses in Las Vegas billboards.

It is important that you get your message right while using billboards. Billboard design matters a lot to attract the attention of the commuters in the shortest exposure time. You can think of simple signs placed in numerous places and this will help people remember your message. Creativity is important to get your message through to the masses in a short and effective way. There are a lot of factors that go into creating designs for billboards. If the design can attract people, this will for sure increase your sales. So, be very careful while designing billboards.

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Efficacy Of Billboard Advertising :

If people have to take note of the message on a billboard, then just a design will do no good. You will need a good story that people can memorize instantly. For this, you need to decide the take away from the billboard. What is it you want people to remember when they see your billboard? Is it your address, email, contact no? Or, is it the brand? This takeaway is your key message and you need to build a story around the key message with a strong meaning that can stay in people’s minds. As billboard is a visual medium, you need to think of ways to represent your story as text and images. Make use of strategic, fun, and short play of words. It should amuse the viewers and the message will get across. Also, a dynamic image that represents your brand will also do the trick. People retain images better.

The message has to be short and sweet. The exposure time will be just between 5 to 10 seconds. During this time the viewer has to comprehend the message. The actual viewing time is much less than that. The driver could be glancing at the road and the traffic in between. It is really important that you keep your message short. Keep it within seven words. Once you’re done with the initial message, include other relevant information. This includes phone number, logo, location, direction, and more. But don’t fit in too much information as it can get too cluttered and illegible. Only priority messages and information have to go into a billboard.

Get Your Billboard Visuals Right

The best viewable and readable billboards can catch anyone’s attention immediately. When you speak of a viewing time less than 10 seconds, your billboard has to be crystal clear. You can think of larger than life layouts with bold clean fonts. Larger fonts can get more reachability as the drivers can read it from a distance. The driver gets more time to read the message before passing by the billboard. Bright and bold images can easily attract attention to the billboard. Use contrasting colors that can create a big impact. Also, keep the background simple as all messages are in the foreground and it should not be fighting for attention.

Have just one dynamic image. It has more impact than a handful of visual images. More images can only be useful in occupying more space and losing the attention of the viewer. Simple and small billboards that repeat themselves throughout a highway until the location can attract more customers than a single, huge billboard located in one place. This will create more interest and they will be on the lookout for the billboard. Spin a story around the location where the billboard is placed. This can help you come up with a clever message that can attract the local people. If you have no clever way of conveying your message, then keep it simple, short, legible, and bold. This will also work.  

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