Smart Billboards In Las Vegas: The Future Of Outdoor Advertising

All advertisements are created with a sole objective- to grab the attention of the viewer. That accomplished, it automatically ticks off the next objective- to inspire action.

Over the years, a plethora of traditional advertising mediums like the radio, newspaper, TV, etc have undergone countless. But nothing has evolved like the billboard advertising in Las Vegas. From just being static images on a wall, canvas or screen, they have gone digital.

In a tech-savvy era and with the advent of social media, advertising mediums have grown in copious ways. But it is the digital billboard that is taking outdoor advertising to another level.

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How and why is that happening is our topic of discussion in this article.

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What Are Smart Billboards?

Combining a billboard with “smart technology” results in a Smart Billboard. Simply defined, Smart technology is using the internet to collect, send and receive data. And advertisements based on this concept are called smart advertisements.

Smart billboards are designed with smart advertising in mind. It is a clever way to stay in vogue with the new trends of the advertising world.
So what can smart billboards do?

  • They dynamically react to the environment.
  • Change the information on the screen.
  • Collect information based on the number of onlookers.

How “Smart” are Smart Billboards?

Smart billboards are for smart audiences. With consumers becoming more tech-savvy, smart billboards give advertisers that definitive edge to attract audiences.
Some of the key features of smart billboards can be listed as the following:

  • Hidden miniature cameras and computer databases.
  • Analytical tools to derive information from social media to change the image on the board accordingly.
  • Using social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to give relevant content to engage the end user.
  • Providing contextual messages on weather and traffic updates and important news.
  • Use of sensors to trigger ads.
  • Creating personalized content based on the onlookers mood and reaction.
  • Use of hi-tech LED lights and sound systems.

Grabbing The Attention Of Pedestrians

Designers are going overboard with their ideas to make smart billboards. That combined with technology is giving way to billboards that are making heads turn and jaws drop! Take a look at some of the examples:

  • Apolosophy, the Swedish company’s smart billboard on subways, uses the speed of trains as a trigger to blow the hair on the model on the billboard.
  • IBM ramped up their game by making their billboards into awnings, bus and train shelters and luggage ramps.
    Canon’s billboards come with more than 200 photography tips that are based on real-time weather and traffic conditions.
    The use of snazzy and catchy taglines also grabs the attention of by-passers.

Smart Billboards Give Smarter Takeaways

Smart billboards are powerful branding tools. Consumers are drawn towards marketing campaigns that are visually appealing, to-the-point and trendy. Smart billboards are a perfect combination of all three aspects that work beautifully for outdoor advertising.

What do advertisers stand to gain from smart billboards?


Great customer experience

Customer experience is a constantly evolving aspect. Companies and brands going to great lengths to provide the same for consumers because it is a crucial facet that drives business.

Smart billboards are able to elicit an emotional response from customers by providing great moments of interaction. Customers who have that kind of unforgettable experience are likely to become loyal patrons of the brand.

Increasing visibility

It takes a lot of ingenuity to grab the attention of people and make them your potential customers. And onlookers have to be hooked on to advertisements with just a fleeting glance.

With the kind of interactivity and quotient of attraction they possess, smart billboards are a sure way to make the potential customer sit up and take closer notice.

Creative and Cost-effective Advantage

Smart billboards are the perfect canvas for advertisers to stretch the imagination and implement their technical prowess. The more engaging and compelling the billboards are, the more CPM they are likely to garner.

Creativity can be taken up a notch further by making the digital billboard more interactive and useful for the consumers. Here’s how it can be done:

  1. Providing wi-fi connections
  2. Providing query and service maps.
  3. Mobile charging ports
  4. Display of real-time traffic information.
  5. Display of social media interaction on the brand’s business page.

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