All about Outdoor Billboard Advertising Rules and Regulations

Outdoor advertising comes with its own set of rules, regulations, dos and don’ts just like any other form of advertising. While every country has its own set of guidelines, there are some common aspects that are followed worldwide.

This article aims to give you a good understanding of the current outdoor rules and regulations that are in practice.

Ad agencies and companies have a lot of preliminary work to do before they can get their plan off the ground:

Securing permission

All commercial advertising needs the permission of the concerned governing body and all approvals must be secured prior to commencing with the work. So what does that entail?

  • Raising a planning request with the Local Planning Authority or Council.
  • Applying online or in person with the respective department.
  • Securing permission from the land owner to put up the digital billboard.
  • Timely submission of plans and drawings of the proposed ad.
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Awareness Of The Standard OOH Advertising Rules

There are 3 standard rules that apply for all outdoor advertisements. It will be wise for advertisers to have a good grasp of what they are:

  • The Area of Special Control of Advertisements

The areas that come under this rule are categorized for their natural wonders, historical sites, archeological importance and cultural and architectural features. 

In a bid to preserve the visual amenity of the area, rules are stringent and advertising is sometimes prohibited in the areas that come under this category.

  • Removal of “Deemed Consent”

Deemed Consent refers to the kind of ads that do not require prior permission from local authorities.  If the local authority feels that the ad is posing a safety hazard or is blocking the view of the said area, they can have the deemed content  removed.

  • Discontinuing the display of a particular ad or discontinuing the use of the site

When the local governing body is opposed to the display of a particular ad or the use of a particular site for outdoor advertising, it can issue a “discontinuance notice”. 

However, the notice requires the approval of higher authorities and can also be appealed.

8 Types Of OOH Advertising That Are Categorized As “Deemed Consent”

  1. Printed ads that come on 
  • Tickets
  • Trade names
  • Branded goods
  • Vending machines
  • Petrol pumps.
  1. Ads kept within a business premises that inform the public of the goods or services offered by that particular business or company.
  2. Ads within forecourts or walled fences or enclosed areas outside petrol bunks, shops and cafes.
  3. Areas that have served as ad sites for more than a decade can have deemed consent but without increasing the size and scale of the advertisement.
  4. Flags carrying company names and logos are permitted for a limited time period. But flags may not carry ads for brands or products.
  5. Street kiosks with posters that have only 4 sheets.
  6. Non-illuminated ads within a building can be placed within one metre of a window or door to make it visible from outside.
  7. Advertising within a construction site. 

Standard Regulations Of Outdoor Advertising In A Nutshell

Here are some of the other important regulations that must be considered with OOH:

  • Avoid political advertising on bus shelters.
  • Avoid advertising about fast-food, sweets, toys, cigarettes and alcohol near schools.
  • All ads and billboards must conform to safety standards. 
  • Prior permission from the land owner is mandatory. If the land is owned by the company itself, it must be supported with proper documents at the time of application.
  • Ads and billboards must be installed and dismantled with utmost professional care.
  • Do not endanger or hinder the flow of traffic on the highways, roads, footpaths or pavements.
  • Do not obscure the view of important signs on the highway. 
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 Concluding Thoughts

The rules for outdoor advertising differ with every country, state, region and locality. It is imperative that anyone who wants to kick off an outdoor advertising plan have a thorough knowledge of the local rules and regulations. 

Most local authorities have all the information on their respective website, but in case you are doubtful, always pay a visit to the local administrative office to get first-hand information. 

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