Are Traditional Methods of Billboard Advertising Still Surviving ?

The rise and rule of technology has firmly stamped its mark on almost everything we use today. The advertising world is no exception. Traditional methods of advertising are still very much alive and kicking, thanks to the facelift that technology has given them.

All the old school methods like newspapers, radio, TV ads and billboards have been revolutionized. Advanced printing and broadcasting methods and internet-based advertising are pushing advertisers to let go of any old school method that does not embrace technology.

The Evolution Of The Digital Billboard

The static billboard became the digital billboard – a perfect marriage of the old and the new. This evolution became evident in not only the billboards on the highways but also the electronic boards near bus shelters, shopping malls and busy intersections.

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Digital mobile billboards have had their golden era. They have been successful and widely loved by the advertising world that saw them as the ultimate future of OOH our Out-Of-Home advertising.

But ever since something called the Internet of Things came around, digital billboards are set to undergo a great metamorphosis. And that is called the “Smart Billboard”.

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Say Hello To Smart Advertising

Any digital OOH advertising that automatically adapts its ads based on the weather, time and news updates can be termed as Smart Advertising. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Smart billboard advertising is set to achieve much more mind-boggling objectives. Digital billboards are very much a part of smart advertising.

Advertising companies are pumping in more money to make digital billboards smart. The revamping includes an array of technologies like:

  • Radars
  • Infra-red equipment
  • Multi-pixel cameras
  • Powerful antennae
  • GPS
  • Motion sensors

All these hi-tech gadgets will give the digital billboard a pair of eyes and a smart “brain” to be able to “see”, “listen” and “react” to the environment.

Upgrading Digital Billboards: What’s new?

Combine digital billboards with big data, Internet of Things, creativity and personalization – you have the future of outdoor advertising standing before you.

What Are The Revolutionary Ideas In Smart Outdoor Advertising Using Digital Billboards?

  • The Radar

Radar is a hi-tech, sophisticated system that studies data collected from mobile phones in passing vehicles. When this data is analyzed, the system on the digital billboard can alter the displayed content to cater to relevant audiences in that area.

Besides this, radar can also analyze the type of vehicles that are passing through that highway. The car brand that has crossed the billboard the most number of times is analyzed. The display shifts to project that particular brand on the screen along with the mention of any special offers the brand has for its customers.

  • Facial Recognition

Some companies have taken things a notch further by installing facial recognition cameras in their digital billboards. These cameras can recognize gender, age and the facial expression of the passersby.

Unlike the highway billboards, these billboards are located mostly in crowded shopping spots, airports, etc , where people can see them at eye-level. Developers imbed a program of videos into the boards. These videos react dynamically to those who are within the vicinity.

  • A reaction for every action

Some digital billboards come with extremely compelling messages that are perfect examples of creative, technical ingenuity.

A Swedish ad agency has created a powerful social message to campaign against smoking. The smart billboards they have designed are fitted with smoke detectors that have a system trigger with a video of a man coughing.

So, everytime a smoker passes by, the smoke detectors activate the video of the coughing man, followed by an anti-smoking message. Then follows an advertisement for products that help to combat smoking.

A Promising Future For Digital Billboards

Going forward, the world is only going to witness a greater advancement in technology. In that case, smart advertising will become more affordable. More advertising companies will be able to invest in upgrading their digital billboards.

Staying relevant with the expectations of the target audiences is vital for the advertising world. The more newer technology comes into existence, the more tweaking one can expect with digital billboards.

With these smart additions, digital billboards have a promising future that can be counted on for many more years to come.

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