Digital Mobile Billboards: A Worthy Investment Or Not

Out of home advertising or outdoor advertising is the oldest form of advertising that is in vogue even today. It has stood the test of times and evolved along with changing technology, market conditions, changing patterns in consumption and improved business practices. The proliferation of technology has made it easy for the organized business sector to make use of outdoor advertising in a way that has proved advantageous to both business and consumers. From simple static billboards, OOH advertising has evolved to designer digital billboards that can be moved around in trucks, buses, bikes and bicycles.

The global pandemic has forced many to pause or even stop their business. The phased unlock of businesses and public spaces in Las Vegas and the world over has made consumers leave their homes providing businesses with an opportunity to reopen. It is a period where people have become accustomed to new normal and businesses have been coming up with tons of innovative solutions to stay afloat. This new scenario has provided OOH advertisers with an increased opportunity to help boost businesses through innovative means. Technology and trends are evolving and companies are ready to spend if they are convinced about the kind of impact an idea can make on the consumer’s mind. Let us examine some of the top ten trends in OOH advertising that is expected to boost growth and continuity in 2020.

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Top Trends In Outdoor Advertising

Some of the top trends that will redefine OOH advertising is discussed here.
The rise of Digital OOH – The year 2020 has seen an increased demand for conversions from static billboards to digital billboards. The digital out of home or DOOH has given the ability to combine formats to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. It gives the ability to run multiple advertisements or different messages of a single advertisement onto a system. DOOH gives an effective and convenient way to reach out to the target audience.
Emphasis on storytelling – Stories engage customers. It helps them understand the brand better and increasingly businesses are relying on having their message presented in an impressive story format. Creative and out of the box ideas will draw customer attention. OOH activities like lounge tie-ups, events/activations and product sampling are gaining popularity.
Increase in programmatic media buying - Everybody wants to catch up with technology. Demand and supply have become technology-driven with each having its platforms which are developing in such a way that online selling and buying is becoming more and more practical. Technology will take its place alongside traditional OOH advertising.
Integration of Omnichannel – Seamless integration of OOH advertising with television, digital and social media is another trend that will change the face of advertising. Scalable content and motion capabilities have made it possible to provide an efficient and consistent brand image across all mediums.
Impact of Technology – Like in another field, OOH advertising will also experience the impact of technology. Technology has ensured open collaboration of the consumers and the development of ad exchanges. Technology has enabled smart use of location information.
Data-driven approach - Initially, it was all about identifying the data source but now it is about redefining the processes in bringing out tangible outcomes and data-led planning. OOH ads now can connect with Bluetooth to relay information directly from the audience. Data from consumers and location can be used in multiple ways to improve campaigns and deliver more relevant and right messages to the customer.
Consumer personalization – Agility of the brand and advertising is of great demand. Consumers prefer changes and demand for customization. This will give them the capability to expand their reach and can explore more customer-centric content which will enhance customer experience and brand building.
Evolution of branding – The reach of a brand is expanding. It is now no more about marketing but becoming a part of the community. OOH advertising needs to embrace the multi-pronged marketing strategy. Traditional OOH does help create brand presence even for online brands that need direct to consumer approach. Consumers demand a unique experience and engagements. Brands can effectively provide that with OOH advertising.
Evolution of Artificial Intelligence – Technology intervention through artificial intelligence has become crucial in all marketing channels and this includes OOH advertising as well. AI and machine learning enables better decision making and help to predict vital data like traffic patterns and purchasing behaviour. Data based approach through AI will help to seamlessly integrate with all mediums.

Smart Way To Build Brand Awareness

According to a study, outdoor advertising will see a sharp increase in 2020 in more than a decade as growth in OOH spending will be 8.5%. Although the pandemic has threatened businesses and other services, people have realised the power of simple advertising tools that can achieve a broader reach at an affordable price. Maximedia is a leading outdoor advertising company in Las Vegas which has years of experience designing and creating traditional as well as digital billboards. As lockdown restrictions are easing and people are moving out of their homes, it is now the right time to tap the market by giving intelligent and creative advertising solutions that can entertain and engage customers.
Advertising should expose the brand in the right way and capture the attention of the consumers in such a way that they resonate with the brand as well as make an effort to spend on the products. OOH with its vagaries of formula will give the brand a creative way to make consumers aware and the reach is wider than any other form of advertising. It is easy to see, read and assimilate the content of a billboard. The bright colours and photographs will easily capture the minds of the viewers. In these unpredictable times, getting a creative right for all the ads will help protect your ideas. OOH, advertising is indeed a smart way to build your brand value.

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It is time to get noticed! It is time to make that perfect pitch to your target audience! Promote better, reach out better and churn better results with Maximedia Billboards! Rule the streets of Las Vegas!


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It is time to get noticed! It is time to make that perfect pitch to your target audience! Promote better, reach out better and churn better results with Maximedia Billboards! Rule the streets of Las Vegas!
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