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Creating Newer Possibilities With Mobile LED Billboard

Explore the unexplored possibilities of advertising with digital mobile billboards on trucks. Maximedia is one of the top advertisers in Las Vegas specialising in outdoor billboard advertising. Here are some of the digital mobile billboard formats that can easily capture the senses of Las Vegas! Click here to know more about Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Digital Mobile Billboards : Why Go For Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the paradise of luxurious casinos, stunning exhibitions, shows and conventions, frequented by more than 40 million visitors every year.

  • The glamorous Las Vegas is every tourist’s dream destination and is ranked as one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the entire United States
  • Over 93% of the residents at Las Vegas drive to work, and hence the chances of attracting attention to your brand, business or event through digital billboard trucks are exponentially higher than in any other locality.
  • Las Vegas lies in the lap of luxury. The residents and tourists love to splurge and opt for premium products and services.
  • Be it shopping destinations, busy city centers, events or conventions; visitors, and residents flock in to have a great time. So, why not make use of the opportunity to grab their attention with creative advertising using the best display ads?

Las Vegas - One Destination, Thousands Of Valuable Customers!

Stay Phenomenal With Digital Mobile Billboards

Knock - Out Features Of Digital Mobile Billboards

Take a look at the billboard features that can help you win a competitive edge! Promote better and drive towards exceptional results in Las Vegas.


Digital mobile billboards give you the flexibility to update your promotions hourly, daily or weekly on our advertising trucks as per your choice


Offer real-time information to your customers by staying dynamic and vibrant! Be it the weather, interest rates or news, display the latest information on our truck billboards.


All your digital mobile billboards are GPS monitored to enable you to track your campaign from wherever you are.


Why limit to one message when you can display multiple messages on the go? Promote better and reach out better with digital mobile billboards!


We offer you an exact proof of performance for every billboard campaign activity of yours! Analyse your campaign performance and devise better methodologies!


At Maximedia, we help you plan your entire campaign right from devising ideas and strategies to setting the right targets!

Let’s Design Your Digital Advertising Truck

Getting noticed is the first step towards branding. Create a lasting impression with big, bright, sparkling ads through our digital mobile billboard trucks on the go.
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Watch Out For These Mobile LED Billboards

Our Clients- You can’t simply afford to miss these billboards in Las Vega

Why Digital Mobile Billboards Are A Sure-Shot Winner?

No other advertising medium can guarantee you the exact physical presence at every place your target audience frequents.
Mobile LED display keep your promotions in the spotlight during both daytime and nighttime. Go ahead and rule the boulevards of Las Vegas!
Get instant fame, recognition, brand awareness and witness a sudden rise in your client list by using high-resolution digital billboard screens.
Our high definition digital mobile billboards spanning over 235.25” x107.75 x(19.6 feet x 8.9 feet) are too hard-to-miss due to their size and attractive displays.
Our LED digital billboard truck can reach even the most hard-to-hit localities by making use of the newest technology to deliver your message and produce overwhelming results in the blink of an eye.


What is the power consumption of a digital mobile billboard?
The power consumption of a digital mobile billboard differs with the size of the board and the number of LED modules used. A P10 single color LED module with 320 x160mm dimensions will have approximately 18 LED modules, for one square meter. The maximum power consumption for each square meter will be 500W in full brightness. If the text display area of a P10 single color LED module consumes only 35-50% of power, then the average power consumption will be around 175-250 Watts.
What are the main components of digital mobile billboards?
The main components of digital mobile billboards are LED structures or Light Emitting Diodes. A digital mobile billboard has more than a thousand tiny LED lights that are arranged in straight lines across the billboard face. Together, they make up the bright and colorful images on the billboard.
What is the rental price of digital mobile billboards?
The rental price of digital billboards start at approximately $3000 /month. To advertise in major metropolitan areas, advertising agencies can charge up to $10,000/ month.
What are the essential points to keep in mind while designing a digital screen for LED billboard trucks?
The essential points to keep in mind while designing a digital screen for LED billboard trucks are: 1. Understanding the goal of display 2. Remove all unnecessary clutter from the design. 3. Remember to add the Call to Action button 4. Ensure the design on the billboard matches the design on the company's website 5. Keep in mind that digital displays are bigger than computers and smartphones.
What is the biggest difference between SMD and DIP display used for digital mobile billboards?
The biggest difference between SMD abd SIP display used for digital billboards is that SMD is more suitable for outdoor indoor application because it has a better resolution. SMD technology regroups three colours -namely red, green and blue. The LEDs are smaller and thinner, which make for a crystal clear resolution and more brightness. This makes the images sharper and the colours more vibrant. Displays with DIP technology have a separate LED for each of three colours. This gives a non-homogenous contrast to the image which make them suitable for outdoor display.
What are the significant advantages of using an LED screen for digital mobile billboards?
The significant advantage of using digital mobile an LED screen for digital mobile billboards is the use of alphanumerical signs that can visualize text, numbers and some pre-edited icons. Some LED screens have simple graphic editors with which you can create customized icons.
Is it possible to view images on either side of a single digital mobile billboard?
No, it is impossible to view images on either side of a single digital mobile billboard because there is only one screen. Print circuits that support the frame of the digital mobile billboards are fixed only on one side of the board. To project images on either side, the board should have two screens that are supported by standing one against the other with the screens facing the road.
How do Maximedia's digital mobile billboards and LED billboard trucks display high-quality videos?
Maximedia's digital mobile billboards and LED billboard trucks display high-quality videos that have a minimum resolution of 192x128 pixels. Using huge monitors and displays, we can visualize in real-time, everything from the icons on the desktop to a DVD or a live performance.
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