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Advertising is a means of creating awareness about a brand, product or service. Billboards are an effective form of outdoor advertising in Las Vegas where you can create an instant buzz or awareness of the product. Billboards can be mobile or static. Mobile billboards are large wraps that are placed on the sides of vehicles. Mostly trucks and buses are used for the purpose. Now, most recently small businesses have started using bike billboards for advertising. Businesses are now adopting tech savvy digital mobile billboards.It is a modern, low maintenance billboard that makes use of graphics and animations instead of static paintings and text. It is an innovative way to attract eyeballs.

Awareness will create dozens of customers and digital billboards will help businesses in this aspect. It could be a simple black background with white text that flashes every 5 seconds. People seem to remember billboard ads better than any other form of advertising. Hire an expert to design the best and creative billboard ads without any pitfalls. You want the ads to work for you and increase footfalls for the business. There is nothing worse than a badly designed billboard that can hurt the reputation of your business. There are several design companies that provide expert service for a competitive price. Designing digital mobile billboards is a one time effort and you need to get it right the first time.

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Digital Billboard displaying promotional content for an engine oil brand

Best Tips For Digital Billboard Advertising 

Simple things can be easily remembered. A major role of billboards is to penetrate the message directly into people’s minds. For this, you need to keep your billboards really simple. Rare, quirky and simple concepts are easy to remember. A few texts on a plain background can be made really effective. Use a few texts from the list of top words that generate strong emotional response so people will remember your message. Billboard advertisements move around really fast. The target audience will have less than 5 seconds to read and register the message. They surely will not have time to read long lines of text. The text has to be legible and stand out for it to be easily read. Take the right decisions on the colors. Apart from brand colors, use a dark color for the background and a contrasting colour for the image and text. The text on billboard ads will be more clearer and the message will reach the audience pretty quickly A contact number that can be easily remembered is important for billboard ads. People will not have enough time to write down phone numbers as they pass by a billboard. A vanity phone number is one great way to help customers remember phone numbers. It is a practical way to tell potential customers about your business and how to reach you within 12 characters or less. Vanity phone numbers are perfect for billboard advertising. Quirky billboards are also attention grabbers. A direct message without any images, photos, illustrations, designs or even colors will work for its absurdity and ridiculousness.

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Other Factors That Affect Digital Billboard Advertising 

One crucial decision when setting up a billboard is the location. Las Vegas is a tourist destination and you will find a lot of tourists flocking the city of Las Vegas all year round. Perfect location to set up billboards will help get the right reach for the business. While setting up billboards, you must find the circulation a billboard will get from a particular location. Also, you need to ascertain if the demographic in the location will match your target audience. Restaurants and stores need local promotion and the location can be the nearest highway or the closest malls and theatres.  Before setting up the billboard, do a complete evaluation to see how effective it can be. Take a look at the billboards from a distance to view what the target audience will see. View it in different positions to identify any pitfalls. Try to read the ad as you walk so you will know if the text is readable, image is clear and the message is understandable. Billboards need not accommodate the photos of the entire team which will occupy most of the space. Instead, have something local. It could be a local icon, building, slang, person or landmark so the message will stick to the audience. Last but not the least, include a call to action.  

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