Do Adverts On Digital Billboard Advertising Trucks Work?

The ways mobile billboard advertisements work are mysterious. So, it is understandable if you are in two minds about investing in a digital billboard truck for sale. But with traditional means of advertising losing their hold over consumers, it is high time you realize the many benefits mobile adverts like digital billboards in Las Vegas offer to you and your consumer. With this post, we unpack what is mobile advertising, how they work for business owners, and what are the advantages of truck-side advertising.

What Entails Digital billboard Truck Advertising

A truck side or digital billboard truck ad is a form of OOH (out-of-home) advertising. It promotes your product, service, or brand to consumers through an advertisement posted on the sides of moving:
  • Cabs
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Rented cars
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This is why they are called mobile billboards. As the vehicle drives, it creates impressions on the people along the route. Truck billboards drive across multiple locations and thus display your brand message to a massive number of audiences. Potentially, this promotional channel has the tools to reach copious consumers.  More than that, through digital truck billboards, you can change your ad every few seconds or minutes to display new messages to the same audience. With retargeting strategies, you can target a select group of consumers who have already seen your truck billboard advertisement to hammer in the point.  One reason Las Vegas billboard truck advertising works is the retention rate. Mobile advertisements have higher recall because the channel is very different from conventional ads, and it holds the attention of the audience. They are more likely to remember the brand they saw on a moving truck than on a stationary billboard.

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What Are The Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising?

The biggest benefit of mobile truck advertising is its affordability. Stationary adverts on the radio, newspapers, and TV have several ancillary costs involved, which increases their overall price. With mobile billboards, you don’t have to pay these additional charges, making them extremely pocket-friendly to businesses. Here are some other advantages you get with truck-side advertising in Las Vegas:

  • Adding more images or changing the text on mobile adverts is simple. This means they are easy to tailor to your requirements and keep the curiosity of your target audience alive.
  • Mobile advertisements are always on the move; this increases their exposure to more people. With each new place the truck drives through, you can showcase your brand to a broader group of consumers. More than that, you can handpick the location of the truck and the route it takes!
  • Another great plus of truck-side promotion is zero competition. Because the advert is on the go at all times, it can be viewed by a potential customer without being distracted by a competitor’s ad.

Lastly, as we mentioned before, brand recall and recognition are very high with mobile billboard advertisements. The uniqueness of the ad not only builds awareness in people but also leaves a lasting impression.

Some Facts And Figures About Digital Billboard Trucks

We now back the benefits of truck side advertisements with some proven facts and figures:

  • You can reach over 95% of Americans through media that targets vehicle drivers and passengers.
  • When compared to other forms of advertising, mobile adverts increase brand name and recognition by 15 times!
  • With one truck wrap, you can generate anywhere between 30,000 to 90,000 impressions per day.
  • 30% of people who see a mobile advertisement base a purchase decision on an ad they saw.
  • APN’s study using brain scanning technology proves that moving ads have 45% higher exposure than static commercials. This happens because moving advertisements are stored in memory and thus stay there for a more extended period. When a person sees the advert again, it causes a trigger reaction, which can push people into a buying decision.

If not for these immense benefits, then you should invest in a digital billboard advertising truck for sale for their GPS and WiFi features. The technology allows you to tap into signals and track the entire route of the truck. This is extremely helpful to you because you can keep tabs on who is viewing your ads and when. The data then gives you an idea on which digital billboard trucks are not performing too well. They can be rerouted to areas that have not been targeted yet or to locations that have shown exceptional performance. You can even fine-tune your advertisement to match high traffic times to maximize visibility. Use a Las Vegas billboard truck to grasp the market space you always wanted today!

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