Why Digital Billboard Advertising Matters ?

In an era where everything is ruled by technology, it is safe to say that digital outdoor advertising plays a huge role in how things pan out for companies and businesses. Irrespective of how big or small they are, or how much clout they wield on their own, a digital mobile billboard ad has its own impact and results that cannot be denied or ignored.  The smartphone on the other hand is a device that is omnipresent and almost omnipotent. It has made almost everything possible with a click right from the palm of one’s hand. Yet, targeted advertising on billboards and outdoor digital billboard advertising in Las Vegas are very much the choice of big corporate giants. Why?  The answer is simple: Targeted advertising delivers results. Big, bold and captivating ads positioned on an important place in the city can generate an impact like no other.  That is the simple reason why outdoor advertising still on digital billboards still reigns supreme. 

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Role of Big Screen in Digital Billboard Advertising & Its Impact :

In the smartphone era, the biggest screens still matter. Digital Out-Of-Home advertising or DOOH is the latest buzzword in the world of outdoor advertising. The concept encompasses a wide range of choices that include:

  • Big digital billboards
  • Mobile digital billboards
  • Digital signage on bus shelters
  • Interactive kiosks

And much more. But why does the big screen matter when businesses can easily reach their target audience through their smartphones?  In spite of enhanced mobile technology and ad-supported online media, it is an undeniable fact that 98% of the audience do not want to watch ads on their smartphones. They simply click past banner displays or skip the ads, if given a choice. With digital ads on the big screen, this is unlikely to happen. Static images on digitally enhanced screens A Digital Mobile Advertising Truck with an LED Display of Promotional Content on the Side Panel and Back of the Truckhave the power to instantly captivate the audience. The factors that contribute to the impact of ads on the big screen are:

  • Location of the digital screen
  • Creative and competitive ad content
  • Ads that are relevant to the people of the area
  • Ads that have reliable neighborhood data.

The Power Of Digital Billboard Advertising On The Highways

All new concepts are born from the old ones. Outdoor advertising might be traditional and old school. But there is no reason to underestimate the impact of a billboard on a highway. Done right, outdoor advertising can pack a punch. And currently, with the concept embracing digitalization, DOOH is proving to be great value for money.  The digital upgrades of OOH are simply awe-inspiring. Take a look at how things have changed:

  • Billboards are outfitted with sensors and hi-tech cameras to analyze and understand the target audience.
  • Bigger, better high-resolution screens that have more space.
  • Better conceptualization of the ads.
  • Computer-controlled screens that display different ads with specific time gaps.
  • Display of real-time updates to engage the audience.
  • Integrating digital voice assistants to enable pedestrians to ask for more information. 

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Staying On Top In The Digital World

No one can deny that there is a digital overkill with ad companies vying with each other for the top spot. Direct-to-consumer companies are leaving no stone unturned to attract the attention of the audience.

Outdoor advertising has to be technically savvy if the ads are to make an impact instead of getting lost in a sea of competitors. That includes competition from various other sources like the internet, social media and smartphones.

How can DOOH establish its presence and stand apart from this heavy competition?

  • Using mobile data to make ads more relevant and targeted. 
  • Using digital crumbs to measure dwell time on congested roadways.
  • Increasing mobile click-through rates by supporting brands with OOH ads.
  • Using technology dynamically to refrain from violating the privacy of the audience.

If there is a boom in using mobile LED billboards, digital billboards and other forms of OOH in this smartphone era, it is because they bring results that have a positive impact for the brand name. 

Digital outdoor advertising is here to stay, and there’s nothing that can dethrone it! 

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