Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising : Why Take It Outdoors ?

OOH or Out-Of-Home advertising is a unique solution to take your brand name and message directly along the path to purchase. More colloquially known as outdoor advertising, it is the most practical way to reach out to potential customers in public places.  For most people, the perfect example of Outdoor Advertising would be an attractive billboard on the highway. But today, OOH means a lot more. The list includes:
  • Mobile billboard trucks.
  • Bike Billboards
  • Car billboards
  • Trailer and bus billboards
  • Trendy kiosks
  • Bus shelters
  • Telephone booths
  • Digital billboards
  • Overbridge billboards
  • Point-of-sale displays.
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Outdoor Advertising: The Big Advantages
The outdoors has always lured the public. As people have more options to spend their time outside the comfort of their homes, it is only sensible that advertisers hone in on that aspect to make it work to their advantage. With the launch of ground-breaking technology, outdoor advertising has undergone significant revamping with digital marketing. Advertisers tap into the potential of outdoor advertising for the following benefits.
  • OOH has an immediate impact with the audience. One fleeting glance at a billboard is enough to get a brand name noticed.
  • They demand more attention with their creative and expressive designs.
  • It has a broader reach with the audience as it does not require special gadgets to be noticed.
  • It gives a better Return Of Investment, thus making it a cost-effective option.
  • Unlike other mediums of advertising, it takes the brand name directly to the midst of the target audience.

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The Role Of Digital Mobile Billboards In Outdoor Advertising

Mobile billboards are a boon to the advertising sector. Giving a new lease of life to static billboards, mobile billboards are fun, impactful and affordable.  Mobile billboards can easily accomplish the objective of outdoor advertising. The prime goal is to get noticed by the target audience and mobile billboards can do that in a jiffy.  What are the varieties of these OOH advertising powerhouses?

  • Mobile billboard trucks and buses with side advertising

Captivating the target audience with their large presence, the truck and bus mobile billboards offer the lowest CPM while making a memorable impression. These brightly designed vehicles can cover large distances and can be used on different routes to reach diverse sets of audiences.

  • Vehicle wraps

Most commonly seen on cars and smaller 4-wheelers, vehicle wraps are made of vinyl sheets that are painted on the body of the vehicle. Cars with brightly printed vehicle wraps help consumers identify new products in the market.

  • Digital Mobile Billboards

The perfect combination of modern technology and traditional advertising, digital mobile billboards are the very future of outdoor advertising. Packed to the hilt with hi-tech digital boards, LED lighting, etc they are almost impossible to miss because they deliver a sensational impact.

  • Bike Billboards

The cheapest and most effective form of mobile advertising are the bike billboards. Simple and to the point, bike billboards have the potential of reaching the target audience in places where bigger vehicles cannot. Bike Billboards are also preferred for being an eco-friendly form of OOH.

  • Trailer billboards

Having printed ads on one or both sides, trailer billboards can be hauled around by vehicles that give the impression of trailers on the roads. Trailer billboards can carry two different ads in on go. They also have around 400 sq.ft of space that can be effectively used.

Benefits Of Mobile Billboards In Outdoor Advertising

Mobile billboards carry immense value for outdoor advertising. They are indisputably the best medium of OOH. Out of the confines of a home, people are mostly moving around. And mobile billboards take the name of your brand anywhere and everywhere!  How does outdoor advertising benefit from using mobile billboards?

  • They provide captivating eye-level visibility that can be recalled.
  • They can be customized to suit the locations.
  • Strategic routes can be planned to take the brand name to the target audience.
  • Can be used for long and short-term campaigns.
  • Has the ability to cover any sized market.
  • Can be used around key points of interest.
  • Can be moved to make space for other needs.

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