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Conquer Las Vegas With Mobile Billboard Advertising

Splash your brand’s reach all across Las Vegas with exceptional mobile billboards that make them stop and stare! Maximedia offers you the best services for mobile billboard advertising in Las Vegas! Leave impressions and capture the attention!Find out what the Outdoor Advertising Association of America says about Mobile Billboard Advertising.

Las Vegas - The Scintillating Zion Of Mobile Billboards

  • If there is one place on earth where plentiful of visitors flock together to enjoy the luxuries of life and splurge on exploring the best, then that would be Las Vegas!
  • Mobile billboard marketing campaigns can effortlessly capture the attention of your target audience in Las Vegas as they mostly travel towards the centre of the town.
  • Be it the active locals or the busy travellers, an eye-catching mobile billboard in innovative designs is too hard to ignore!
  • In a city like Las Vegas which is buzzing with activities and entertainment, you can easily set a bold statement with an attractive mobile advertising campaign.
  • Get high impact brand exposure even in the high traffic areas of Las Vegas with mobile billboards that lure the visitors in the roads that lead to the casinos, exhibitions and shows.

Mobile Billboards : Advertising Space That Makes You Go Wow

Stun Them With Mobile Advertising In Las Vegas

Make A Splash With Mobile Billboards

Go ahead and triumph over the streets of Las Vegas with las vegas advertising trucks that win the hearts and beckon the eyes. Check out the features that impress!


Small, medium or large business; we have the perfect billboard campaign on trucks ready to trigger your business to greater heights


We set higher benchmarks by offering complete transparency about our billboard services and pricing. You name it, we provide it!


Get the exposure you had always wanted! Make your billboards the talk of the town! It is time to get noticed for all the right reasons!


Make good use of our advanced and detailed data metrics to target your customers in a more strategic and focussed way


Reach out to your customers based on the locations in which they frequent and assess the peak period traffic to promote better


Track your advertisements on the go! Our billboard truck drivers carry GPS tracking devices to help you track your promotional activities with a single click!

Let’s Get Your Mobile Outdoor Advertising Rolling!

Get set for a sizzling mobile billboard advertising campaign with our stunning trucks displaying your brand across the streets of Las Vegas.
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The Mobile Billboards That Impressed You In Las Vegas

The billboards that caught your attention in Las Vegas - Our Valued Clientele!

Reach Out To The Heart Of Las Vegas With Mobile Billboards!

With mobile billboards, you gain access to over 400 Sqft of brighter and bigger mobile advertising space!
In mobile billboard trucks, you get 2 sides of size 232. 25” x 107.75 “ complete with Vinyl/ Kedar beading finish for your brand promotions.
In the case of adhesive rock bottom, you get 31.75” x 76.75” creative advertising space with a perfect finish of 3M 180 PSV/ Laminate for your product or service.
If you opt for adhesive back top, you get a space of 31.75” x 37” with 3M 180 PSV/ Laminate finish.
Go for adhesive top behind cab if you need a widespread advertising space of 43.375” x 55” maximum exposure complete with a finish of 3M 180 PSV/ Laminate.
You can also get an additional 2 truck sides with 236.5” x 106.5” advertising space and Vinyl/Kedar beading finish.


What is Mobile Billboard Advertising in Las Vegas?
Mobile billboard advertising in Las Vegas is a form of outdoor advertising. Mobile billboards come in the same OOH (out-of-home) category as mall advertising, radio, static advertising, or airport advertising. When you use mobile billboards, you make use of an advertising niche, often called mobile outdoor advertising.
In what places can you use Mobile Billboard Advertising?
Mobile Billboard Advertising Las Vegas can be used for any location because mobile billboards can go anywhere! From malls to residential areas. Mobile truck billboards are useful everywhere. It should be noted that there are some places in Las Vegas where they are prohibited because they can be a safety hazard.
How can I check if a Mobile Billboard Advertising Las Vegas truck is out?
Each Mobile Billboard Advertising Las Vegas vehicle comes with a GPS device that can be used to track the ad unit. We make sure to download the route the truck takes and share it with you so that you can keep tabs on your mobile billboard.
Do mobile billboard trucks light up during the night?
Yes, all mobile billboard advertising Las Vegas trucks light up at night. All our vehicles are equipped with LED light, backlight, or some other form of illumination.
How long does it take to get an ad creative made and on a mobile billboard truck?
Generally, it takes one to three days to make an ad creative and then four days to produce it and put it on a mobile truck. With Mobile Billboard Advertising Las Vegas, the benefit is that the period can be shorter if you don’t ask for too many changes in the creative!
What is the benefit of choosing mobile billboard advertising Las Vegas over other media forms?
The biggest benefit of choosing mobile billboard advertising Las Vegas over other media forms is that a customer cannot miss it when they pass it by. In recent times, traditional means of advertising like TV, radio, and newspaper have lost their efficacy because the consumer has found ways to bypass it. Moreover, the younger generation is moving towards the internet for all its needs. The only option left for a business to promote themselves is non-traditional methods like mobile billboard adverts. With mobile billboards like those on trucks, a consumer has no other choice but to pay attention. Add to it that the first thought to cross an average person’s mind is “what is that,” it makes mobile billboards great for brand recall!
Why should I opt for mobile billboard advertising over stationary billboards?
There are two reasons you should opt for mobile billboard advertising over stationary ones. One, they go to where your target audience is instead of waiting for them to come to you. Two, truck billboard ads stay with the consumer due to their uniqueness, which increases brand recall – the holy grail of all marketing!
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It is time to get noticed! It is time to make that perfect pitch to your target audience! Promote better, reach out better and churn better results with Maximedia Billboards! Rule the streets of Las Vegas!
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