Mobile Billboards Vs Static Billboard

Ever since mobile billboards came into existence, the static billboard has lost its sheen and importance. But that does not mean that the static billboards have become extinct. While they are still very much in use, the spotlight has shifted considerably towards the mobile billboard. Mobile billboard advertising is creating new inroads in the advertising world. A brand name that is constantly on the move atop a shiny vehicle has more takers than a static billboard that flashes past on the highway.

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What Is Wrong With The Static Billboard?

Before we go into details about the endless advantages of mobile billboards, let’s analyze why static billboards are not working wonders like they used to.  First, static billboards are restricted to a particular spot and they get noticed only if the target audience travels or walks past it. Hence, they are restricted to a specific demographic, which is a big reason for its negative impact.  Highways are dotted with hundreds of static billboards. Some of them are, unfortunately, stacked very close to one another for lack of space. This can be a huge setback to the brands that are banking on these static billboards.  Statistics say that at least 70% of the people use the same route for commuting to and fro from work. If that is the case, then there are rarely any chances of new people seeing the billboard.  And how many people get the time to pay full attention to a billboard on the highway? Even if they do, they will most probably miss out on the important details. This simply snuffs out the entire objective of the advertisement.

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Why Are Mobile Billboards The Clear Winner?

Facts and statistics about mobile billboards are mostly on the positive end of the spectrum. It is a fact that truck and trailer boards have 97% retention with 68% of the customers deciding to buy a product while they are in their vehicle.  At least 96% of the customers agree that mobile billboard advertising is more appealing to the eye.  What is it that makes mobile billboards tick every box?

  • Placed on large vehicles, mobile billboards are always on the move, thus generating high impression rates.
  • Mobile billboards can reach target audiences at different locations. 
  • Because of their wider reach, mobile billboards are able to target a demographic.
  • Mobile billboards have the potential to reach the audience anywhere. That includes highways, busy intersections, urban areas, rural areas, airports, stadiums and even narrow alleyways. 
  • Mobile billboards have a CPM or Cost Per Impression of $ 0.75 to $2.

 Mobile Billboard Advertising And Its Significant Benefits A well-planned and well-designed mobile marketing campaign can promote your brand name and product and establish a brand recognition. Companies are now well aware of the huge benefits of mobile billboard advertising and that is why they are ready to invest in it.  Why is mobile billboard advertising a better choice than most other methods? 

  • Excellent exposure of the brand name

People simply cannot ignore mobile billboards. They create a great curiosity that makes the viewer want to check out the details. The same cannot be said of other forms of advertisement like static billboards, newspaper and TV ads. Static billboards are mostly ignored, newspaper ads have a poor reach and anyone can switch off the TV just to avoid commercials.  Mobile billboards are an incredible way to let people know that your brand exists. 

  • No competitors 

In any other mode of advertising, ads are usually clumped together with other competitors. There are hundreds of ads on the TV, newspapers and on the radio. Mobile billboard advertising is unique because your brand name gets to stand alone and garner as much attention. And because your brand name is the only thing that is visible as an advertisement, people are more likely to remember it. 

  • Anywhere and Everywhere

Brands do not have to wait to get noticed by the target audience. Mobile billboards take your brand name right to their midst. Thus, businesses get to control where and when the brand name travels. 

  • Value for money

Mobile advertising is much more affordable than any other form of advertising. People spend hoards of money on TV and newspaper ads just to be swept away by the flood. Mobile advertising on the other hand is worth every penny spent and it also gives incredible RoI.  MaxiMediaLV is the big name for outdoor billboard advertising, Las VegasWith 15 years of experience in the field of mobile advertising, we have the best solutions that will catapult your brand name high above the rest in the city of Las Vegas.  If you want your business to stand a cut above the rest, call us at (702) 677-9999

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