Mobile Billboards In Las Vegas: A Ubiquitous Sight

Nothing can beat the mobile billboards in driving a marketing campaign in the right direction. The best in the category of OOH or Out-of-Home advertising, mobile billboards beat all the other options when it comes to carrying a brand name.  While there are other forms of advertising, the mobile billboard is highly preferred by both large and small businesses because of the kind of effect they can have amongst the target audience.  In this article, we explore the five big advantages of using a mobile billboard to promote a brand. 

Mobile Billboards: Boosting Your Business In Multiple Ways

  • Cost-effective solution

Making money and saving money is key in any business. As much as these bulky trucks look like they require a sizable chunk of money for investment, the truth is far from that. Mobile billboards come with options to suit your budget.  From simple vinyl wraps on trucks and trailers that double up as delivery trucks, to billboards with state-of-the-art 3D glass display cases, illuminated LED panels and crystal clear sound effects, businesses can choose with what fits their purse. Either way, mobile billboards have a very impressive ad recall and ROI or Return of Investment. Hence, it is the best cost-effective solution for advertising. 

  • Profoundly effective

Studies say that mobile billboards have a whopping 97% ad recall rate. That simply means that more people can remember an advertisement carried on a mobile billboard than they can recall a brand from a TV commercial. 

  • A Big Attention-grabber

With static billboards and TV or newspaper commercials, people are most likely to avoid it. A static billboard can go unnoticed. TV commercials are often perceived as a “break-time” and people tend to mute them if they hate the jingles. Newspaper ads simply drown in the sea of ads. On the contrary, a brightly lit mobile billboard sitting on a huge truck right in the middle of a busy intersection is likely to arouse curiosity because it cannot be ignored or turned off. 

  • Better Reach

Mobile billboards have what other marketing tactics don’t- a better reach with the target audience. Other marketing forms tend to reach only a small percentage of the audience. A static billboard will be noticed only by the people who travel past it. A newspaper ad will be noticed only by those who read the paper and ads on the internet can be seen only by people with access to a device.  Mobile billboards go right into the midst of the audience. Carried by trucks, cars, bikes and even buses, they reach every nook and cranny of the town and imprint the brand name in the minds of people.

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  • Targets specific areas

The success rate of mobile billboards is also influenced by targeting specific areas within the city or town. That calls for well-planned routes that are based on certain factors:

  • Target neighborhoods.
  • Areas of target businesses
  • High-traffic areas.
  • Arterial intersections.
  • Urban neighbourhoods.
  • Areas based on population and socio-economic category.

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Mobile Billboards: Why They Are The Best Choice!

The world of advertising is a tough one to navigate. Yet, mobile advertising is making things happen with remarkable ease. Here’s an analysis of why mobile billboards tick all the right boxes when it comes to promoting your business:

  • Flexibility

 Mobile billboard contracts are much more flexible in comparison to other mediums of advertising. They can be leased for short periods of time which allows business to change the marketing campaign according to new products and offers. Businesses can choose from a wide range of vehicles to carry the billboards. That includes bikes, cars, cabs, buses, trailers and trucks. 

  • Brand awareness

Creating brand awareness is the prime objective of any marketing tactic. And mobile billboards do this job really well. With repetitive slogans, images, messages and themes, consumers become more aware of the brand name. Besides, it is almost impossible to ignore a giant truck carrying a brand name on its sides!

  • Millions of Impressions

Cost Per Impression or CPM is a basic parameter that measures the effectiveness of an advertisement used for a marketing campaign. The ideal CPM is between $1 and $10.  In other words, you spend less money to receive 1000 impressions. Statistics reveal that mobile billboards have a CPM of $2 or less. This makes them an extremely competitive mode of OOH advertising as opposed to other options.  MaxiMedia is the to-go name for mobile billboards, Las VegasThe top name in mobile advertising, MaxiMedia has extensive experience and knows what your brand requires to make it to the top.  Creating highly impactful Las Vegas billboardsMaxiMedia is your best bet for effective mobile advertising campaigns. Get connected with us today!

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