Why Do Businesses Love Mobile Billboards?

Mobile billboard advertising is ruling the roost as the most effective form of advertising. Clearly, it has a massive advantage over other OOH advertising mediums. It is no wonder that mobile billboards are wanted by both big and small enterprises alike.

Given below are some reasons why mobile billboards are a big favorite of businesses:

  • Cost per impressions

Outdoor advertising is all about impressions. It is a vital parameter that measures the efficacy of the advertising. Mobile advertising gives a win-win situation for both the advertiser and the target customer. Mobile billboards yield the cheapest cost per impressions or CPM.

  • Brand awareness

When your brand name is driven around in a giant truck into every nook and cranny in town, it becomes hard for people to ignore. Repeat the same for a specific number of days and the audience becomes familiar with the name, logo and the company and what business it is. When they relate to the message, they become potential customers.


Mobile billboard campaigns can be altered to voice new products, offers, discounts and services. What’s best is that it is affordable and offers more bang for your buck.

On the move

Unlike static billboards, mobile billboards cover every stretch of the city and its suburbs. Hence, it is likely that more people get to see the ad. Driven through the city during rush hours, mobile billboards do not fail to create an impact. Take advantage of long weekends and holidays to target specific times to cater to specific audiences.

Call us for all your digital mobile billboards and mobile billboard advertising needs in Las Vegas – the city of dazzling lights. Maximedia Billboards makes your products shine through the glittering nights of Las Vegas, a fantasy world of hotels, casinos and all that speaks of glitz and glamour.

Benefitting From Mobile Billboards

  • Mobile billboard advertising is cheap and clutter free. Unlike static billboards, you do not have to worry about being noticed in a crowd. Your brand will hit the spotlight and will turn heads as the vehicle travels around town.
  • If you choose TV or newspaper commercials, you will probably end up shelling out more money than what a mobile billboard would cost. Mobile billboards work best for companies that have a tight budget but want maximum exposure.
  • Mobile ads have a better reach as the vehicles will be continuously driven to target locations.
  • Digital mobile ads give you more control over how you run your promotional campaign. You can track the vehicle with a GPS and have the driver take it to a specific location where your target audiences are

Pointers To Create Brilliant Mobile Billboards

These tips will help you design the best billboard that will catapult your brand name to become the most recognized name on the road:

  • Analyze what you want the ad to convey. Let the message be clear and concise. No one has the time and patience to read elaborate messages.
  • Let the text and font be large and appealing.
  • Choose colours that people will be able to relate to your brand. If pink is your brand colour, go with the same. You do not want to confuse the audience with a totally new colour with a recognizable name.
  • The ad should be eye-popping and a bold representative of your brand.

You will get all this and more when you partner up with MaxiMediaLV for your mobile billboard advertising needs. What makes us different in Las Vegas is our competitive pricing and our stunning billboards that will instantly hook your audience.

Talk to us today! Take a look at our website – https://www.maximedialv.com/  and get ready to avail our services!

Maxi Media

Maximedia dares to be different with stunning billboards that guarantee the best prices in Las Vegas for billboard advertising.

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It is time to get noticed! It is time to make that perfect pitch to your target audience! Promote better, reach out better and churn better results with Maximedia Billboards! Rule the streets of Las Vegas!


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It is time to get noticed! It is time to make that perfect pitch to your target audience! Promote better, reach out better and churn better results with Maximedia Billboards! Rule the streets of Las Vegas!
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